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Fully Automated Hydroponic Growing System

Our farm is designed to maximize labour and farm productivity, with the use of fully automated hydroponic growing system for leafy greens.

Our automated hydroponic NFT growing systems have been designed with space, labor, energy and water efficiency in mind to achieve maximal yield while using less resources. Balancing all of them instead of just one or two is what makes us special.

We are using open top gutters (instead of more conventional gutters with pots) with continuous growing medium. From substrate filling and sowing to harvesting and mixing, the plants are not touched by any human hands. A fully automated system for the cleanest, safest and freshest product. This provides highest labour productivity of any other known system in the market. These kinds of systems will be really successful in places with relatively high labor costs and higher food safety requirements like in Singapore.

The plants will stay in the same growing gutter throughout the entire growing process—transplanting is not needed (eliminating the need for labour). The continuous strip of growing medium allows for customised spacing of the seeds per gutter, specific spacing for each variety, or even for each growing line. This provides flexibility in adopting the crop variety to grow based on market demand.

Our growing gutters with continuous growing medium enable free positioning of seeds in gutters. The distance between plants can therefore be precisely optimised to our specific growing needs and ensures effective use of the greenhouse. As the plants grow, the gutters move automatically through the greenhouse toward the harvesting area. During that process, the distance between the gutters is adjusted according to the space requirements of the plants in each growing phase. The automatic adjustment and movement of the gutters give the plants as much space as necessary, but as little as possible, thus ensuring maximal usage of the greenhouse. The plant density achieved with the adjusting gutters is unmatched and a key component in efficient growing.

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Balajee Potala

Managing Director

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