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Our vision is to be a catalyst in making next-generation farming sustainable and future-proof food security in Singapore.

Our mission is to build a EFFICIENT, SUSTAINABLE AND FLEXIBLE farm independent of weather factors with zero waste, using zero external source of water by harvesting rain water & zero power from the grid by generating own solar power, without using any pesticides, producing leafy vegetables of the highest quality and taste without it touched by human hand during the entire growing cycle.

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Build-Operate-Scale : Plant Factory in Singapore

NextGen Farms aims to set up a a fully automated farm in Singapore which will be optimised for growing most of the varieties of Lettuce, Asian Greens, Salad Greens & Herbs. 

Our new growing method enables much higher yields (kg per sqm) than has previously been achieved or thought possible. Annual yield of 70-100kg/sqm per year can be achieved quite conveniently. 

In addition to operating with a highly efficient growing system, the high yield numbers is a result of our unique combination of environmental factors (temperature, Co2 level, humidity, amount of light etc.), type of seed and fertiliser solutions used and the use of the open gutter system with continuous growing media with the flexibility to vary distance between any two plants along X-axis and Y- axis individually in each growing line based on the crop selected. Therefore allowing highest density of plants in the growing lines unmatched by any other technology.

With this system, essentially all possible work phases from seeding , harvesting  and packing will be automated, thereby helping to achieve highest possible labour productivity. In addition to the productivity improvement, the system achieves an even bigger leap regarding the quality.  

We plan to configure our farm in a way that there are no routine tasks performed inside the actual greenhouse and thus workers typically do not enter that space. Only the grower will periodically check the biological status inside the greenhouse. This minimizes risk for infection eliminating the need for any pesticide and maximizes the quality.

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Our Produce

Our farm is configured in a way to grow the above-mentioned crops, however, the selection of crops in any period of the year will depend on the market demand and price competitiveness. The beauty of our farm configuration is that it allows us to be flexible at the same time highly efficient in production capability. Photos shown are for illustration purposes only, are taken from the public domain.

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